Every new TRY UnContained project creates a long-term community legacy

Every step of re-purposing a shipping container at TRY UnContained creates a positive and sustainable outcome for the environment and for the communities in which we work.

In ports around the world, there is a constant supply of unwanted containers because the cost of shipping an empty container to its home port is more expensive than replacing it with a new one. Repurposing a shipping container saves around 8000Kw of energy that would be used to melt the steel and recycle it.Using that same container as the structure such as a site office, an info centre or a home makes an additional energy saving in the construction process. Less wood, fewer bricks and concrete and other energy intensive materials are used. Manufacturing the structure off-site brings further energy savings in the construction process. In addition, In the process of fitting out the containers, we seek to use recycled or repurposed materials to minimise the environmental footprint even further.

Starting with a ready-made structure reduces the labour, energy and time required. Manufacturing off-site gives us the ability to complete a 20 ft container house build within 2-3 weeks.

Importantly, there is a social impact to what we do. The construction process gives our trainee’s a broad, hands-on exposure to the construction process and practical work experience.  Our apprentices and employees stem from all types of backgrounds, genders, indigenous groups, refugees and new immigrants who work together as a unified team to complete projects and who are all looking for employments opportunities in the construction/carpentry industry.

This opportunity also teaches our trainees to embrace diversity in the workplace and accept each other in a positive and inclusive environment.

TRY UnContained would love to provide a free quote and design for build projects of all sizes as containers can be connected in multiples, vertically or horizontally to achieve the look and size you desire. You are only limited by your imagination!

The types of projects we are currently working on past and present are: viewing platform, houses, amenity blocks, sporting change rooms, ticket box, toilet blocks, kitchens, offices, receptions, media rooms, a farm in a box, retail outlets and classrooms.

For more information or to view our factory please contact
Ben Holland, Account Manager
Email: Ben.Holland@try.org.au
Mobile: 0477 333 038