Building job pathways,
positive life journeys and
affordable, sustainable housing

In February 2016 the TRY Build Project officially started with 12 trainees accepted into the program. The program provides young unemployed people with hands-on training for a Certificate I in Building with line-of-sight to a job.

Nationally accredited training is provided through TRY Learning, a registered RTO. Successful graduates from the Certificate I course will have the opportunity to progress to a Certificate II course provided by Builders Academy and potentially an apprenticeship with Simonds Homes.

This initiative is one of the first of its kind in Australia.


  • To provide opportunities for young people currently not in education, employment or training.  The primary target group are disadvantaged and disengaged young people for whom mainstream education has not been successful.
  • To address barriers to the young person’s success through industry training tailored to their individual needs.
  • To provide access to wrap-around support from appropriately qualified and experienced mentors giving each participant the opportunity to build their life skills.
  • To bring about positive change in the lives of program participants.
  • To create a sustainable social enterprise that builds affordable social housing with a small environmental footprint.

Project Description

In the first year the project will provide 60 young people from the south-east corridor with the opportunity to learn key trade skills in building and carpentry.

The project will also involve participants in the construction of affordable social housing using recycled shipping containers.

Some of the participant target group will have numeracy/literacy issues. Some will be culturally isolated, or will have grown up in an abusive or unsupportive family. For others a conventional school education may not have suited their learning style. Many participants will be ‘hands on learners’.

The training program will emphasise gaining practical industry skills in a working environment.

The program will also provide supportive mentoring to assist the participants build their confidence and life skills.

Both the training and construction of the container housing will take place at our new factory site in Dandenong South.

Training Plan

The project will help to improve participants employability by offering the following:

  • Accredited building training: Certificate I and Certificate II
  • Real work experience and references
  • Improved literacy and numeracy skills
  • Life skills support
  • Mentoring support from professional tradespeople
  • Job path opportunities for successful graduates with Simonds Homes or a TRY social enterprise such as TRY Maintenance and TRY Clean.